What is Art Thematic

Art Thematic is a program originating from Malaysia that enhances students’ abilities in a creative approach. Art Thematic runs on a theme basis – meaning each month we have a different theme, such as ‘Sea World’ or ‘Outer Space’. We run four classes per month each containing different activities.

How does it work

On week 1 we have visual drawing. During this lesson we introduce the new topic to students and encourage them to think about it in various ways. For example, where do they see this character? What is it doing? And what else is around it? Then the students start their drawings using a HB pencil which is easy to erase if students make mistakes. Once the drawing is finished, they use a sharpie to outline the drawing so that it’s easy to colour in. Then they are encouraged to colour their drawing using either crayons or colour pencils. 8B pencil is then used to add the final touches.

On weeks 2 and 3 we have model making. Students are able to turn their 2D drawings into a 3D model using air dry clay that comes in multiple colours.

On week 4 we have story boarding. During this week students consolidate all they have learnt during the past weeks and make a story out of it. They are encouraged to share their story with their peers and get feedback on it.

These activities help students to gain various new skills and build on ones they already have. Some of these skills are: enhanced creativity, a stronger memory, decision making and a stronger sense of confidence.

Art Thematic caters for each type of students. Art Thematic is suitable for students with learning difficulties, hyper active students, students with low self-esteem, students with a short attention span and without a doubt: students who love the arts.

Art Thematic aims to train students to become industry professionals, hence our goal is to help them become creative thinkers which is a valuable asset in this modern world.

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